Marcin Liminowicz

Marcin Liminowicz is a multidisciplinary artist from Warsaw, PL. Mainly working with photography, video and publishing. His practices focuses on how physical space reveals itself in its socio-political consequences. Marcin has studied in Film School in Lodz, Poland. At the moment he is also a student at The Institute Of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic and resident at FABRICA ...

Podlasie region in Eastern Poland has for long been considered very traditional part of the country, with small towns and villages dotting mostly rural landscape, where farming communities and small-scale industry provide jobs and stability.

Warszawa Centralna is the primary railway station of the Capital of Poland. It was built as a flagship project of the People’s Republic of Poland during the 70ies. Designed as a functionalist architecture building, it is part of a system of public communications that includes an underground gallery labyrinth with food and newspapers stalls that […]

The Catholic Centre for Education and Addiction Therapy Metanoia exists since 2000. The facility helps young people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Located in the Knyszynska Forest (in Poland), occupies the former administration building Agroma – plants which in the past produced agricultural machinery, home appliances, and probably also weapons. Unfortunately the resort is in very poor condition and need ...

Many people in Poland suffered due to the country’s change from communism as most of the state industries suddenly stopped operating. This left large numbers of unemployed people who turned to migration to seek work and gain a certain measure of security over their lives. However, many do not find this and end up in […]

“Vestige” is a story about a landscape – the one of a man and of nature. It is an attempt to symbolically translate human emotions into the landscape. It is an attempt to find out what does connect an external with an internal: patterns, tensions, contradictions, etc. Visually presented metaphors of a man and his […]

Youth in Poland: Nonconformists, artists, outsiders, loners, rebels, skaters, homosexuals. Karolina Sekula has been portraying them for nearly ten years. That’s her natural environment. They are not connected by blood ties but by similar values, morality and the need to live fully and for the moment. To live differently than everyone else- nowadays it requires courage and passion. Since the […]

A middle-sized city in the center of Poland, halfway between the mountains and the Baltic Sea. Neither rich, nor really poor, with a typical history of a region that is an industrial capital which blossomed in the time of state socialism and lost that position after 1989. Such places evolve in a very special way. […]

Edyta Jabłońska is a 26-year-old photographer from the eastern Poland). She graduated from the socio-cultural animation and art education. A year ago, she graduated from the Academy of Photography in Krakow. She is inspired by both the conceptual photography and documentary. She is delighted with the aesthetics of failure, Iceland and everything connected with it. […]

Lukasz Nowosadzki is a Polish photographer. He graduated from the University of Warsaw with a master’s degrees in Photography (2014) and Public Relations (2008). He was a finalist of International Street Photography Awards, student category, in 2013 and 2014. In 2014 he had his first solo exhibition – images from Warsaw Nights were shown in […]