There is some place. Without an address. In the middle of the wood. The walls of the forgotten fabric make it so hard to see. Make it invisible. This is the place, where some kind of people found their asylum. This people couldn’t agree with the world. But they really want to. They want to be noticed, appreciated, they want to be loved. They want to feel safe, and start to live on they own way. Without old schematics, buddies, drugs. Converted. Converted for the new way, which help them to leave this place without an address. And this place will help them to make it happend.

There is some place. Without an address. In the middle of the wood. There is no random people in there. No two the same stories. But there is some keys which those people must carry for punishment. Keys which not open any door.  There are some stories. But not about the past. They erased the past. Don’t want to remember it. Sometimes they have to run away. From the past and from the present. They don’t think about what will happen. About tomorrow. They only want to forget. Just for the moment.  And get carried away by the moment. And they sometimes think „what will happen if…”.  But they always get back to reality. And theirs reality is Metanoia. At least now.

About the author:
Kamil Sleszynski was born in 1982. He lives in Bialystok (Poland), where he works on long term projects focusing on complex relationships between people in isolation. He has been published by the Prison Photography, Prism Photo Magazine, Dienacht Magazine – blog, Document EAST, aCurator – blog, Digital Camera, FK Magazine.

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