Youth in Poland: Nonconformists, artists, outsiders, loners, rebels, skaters, homosexuals. Karolina Sekula has been portraying them for nearly ten years. That’s her natural environment.

They are not connected by blood ties but by similar values, morality and the need to live fully and for the moment. To live differently than everyone else- nowadays it requires courage and passion. Since the change of political regime in 1989 Poles have been enjoying the country’s economic growth but not everyone benefits from it. Young people don’t have stable jobs, they are tied up with mortgage or debts and are so anxious about the future that they don’t enjoy the present. They exist in uncertainty.

Heros of Karolina’s story are different to them, pushing boundaries and experiencing life with our deepest emotions. They know that we’ve got one life and it’s an unique chance.

About the author:
Karolina Sekuła was born in 1984. Polish photographer and picture editor who focuses on the human aspects of social, political and cultural issues. Collaborated with the leading dailies and magazines in Poland (Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Przekrój, Sukces, Tygodnik Powszechny Bloomberg Businessweek).

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