His Majesty


I know it may sounds like a cliche but His Majesty, the Duomo, is one of the best architectural beauty in town – and of course, most visited. It takes your breath away.

I took this photo few days ago. I do like it. The tram just passed away and I can hear someone shouting SHIT I MISSED IT! Some people are going shopping. Some other people are going to take a picture in front of His Majesty. And I am in between, looking for something/someone. When you are in the Duomo area you always find something to do and someone to follow.

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The Island.

The Island.

Photographs by Emanuele Camerini Rome | 2012-2013 ‘The Island’ born from an urge

The Drowned Man – A Hollywood Fable

The Drowned Man – A Hollywood Fable

Edited by: matilde

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