There’s a café in Augustrasse that invites passersby to look inside a promise of art.
introducing: The me Collectors Room
edited by: Matteo Menotto

The approach is natural and me Collectors Room appears in a cosy and spontaneous way, where dealing with art is natural and immediate. Once inside, this generous 1.300 sq space starts revealing its secrets, and in, a longitudinal sequence, the exhibition space follows the street-facing café and the inner foyer.
Having been opened in May 2010, the exhibition space me Collectors Room Berlin, conceived by German Collector Thomas Olbricht, presents his collection in a series of alternating exhibitions. The Olbricht Collection encompasses works from the early 16th century to contemporary art.
Two exhibitions coexist in the building: the permanent Wunderkammer objects, collected by the founder, Olbricht, and another temporary one. The Wunderkammer rekindles the tradition of the objects collections of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, starting with the personal imprint of the founder who, as a child, started collecting miniatures of fire trunks.

Proceeding in the path across the museum, leads to the temporary exhibition, now dedicated to the works of Ouyang Chun. The artist, born in Peking in 1974, tells here a image story about an imaginary king, portraying the most significant moments of the character’s life. The cycle “King”, developed between 2006 and 2009, brings back the viewer imagination to children fairytales but with a dramatic conscience about the complexity of the role and the sordid dynamics of power.

Visually, the gold leaf painting is the most recognizable feature of these works, where the tones changes from the hot reds of the burning cities to the dark ones of the king’s murder. A story of power, joy and tragedy goes on between these white rooms, where nothing disturbs the audience to be involved in this magic process, not even titles descrbing the works, here replaced by simple numbers.

02.10.2010 to 09.01.2011
The me Collectors Room
Auguststraße 68 – 10117 Berlin, Germania
Tue – Sun 12-18

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