Edited By Angel Leung- Fashion Editor from UK
Photographer : Michael Antonio

Stevie Boi is a fashion designer, well known for his eye-wear shades that are worn by many celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj… etc  Stevie also has a clothing line Toxic, a 2007 luxury collection for men and women, CoExist, a 2011 luxury collection for men and women and eye-wear line with Zombie boy. Designs are inspired by religion and culture with a modern edge.

Where do you live and work now?
I currently live in Baltimore city and wok mostly in New York city.

How did you get into fashion/designing?
It was really random. I was originally a  musician. Being in the music industry was very stressful, so I found having a hobby such as photography would be a stress reliever. From photography came modeling then I randomly just started designing accessories.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
A lot of my inspiration comes from my environment. I love to challenge myself, sometimes I will design outside in a noisy environment or design whole drinking win and playing music loudly. I feel it puts me in a unexplained “design trance”

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a lifestyle. What you wear resembles who you are as a human being. I feel without fashion, we have no voice or individualism.

Which one do you prefer the most? Designing for clothes or for eye-wear?
Definitely eye-wear over clothes but I love designing clothes too.

What interested you the most of being a fashion designer?
I love people that are not so easy on the eyes. A little awkward, that always works with fashion. I feel it’s a great mixture and challenge. I’m really inspired by Grace Jones, she is the reason why I am so different.

How would you describe the line/the excitement working with Zombie boy?
Omg! I love him! He is literally the other side of me. Although his body is tattooed and he may scare some people, but he is one of the sweetest ans caring person I’ve ever met. Working with him is easy. We both have an interesting and personal view in things that are very dark (scary), but it is weird because we also don’t like so much of the same things. It is very interesting.

How does it feel to have Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and celebrities wearing your eye-wear and your clothing & eye-wear lines having landed on covers after covers in major fashion magazines?
It feels great. For example, literally 10 minutes ago, I just found out that I am in April’s Vogue magazine as well as three others all in one month. It is hard work really!

What certain things are you looking for in designing?
Believe it or not! I actually love the classic designs, such as Chanel, but I’m also fascinated with the color black, anything eye catching and distracts you in a personal favorite.

Apart from designing, what do you enjoy the most?
I love to enjoy time with friends and family. I don’t have many friends by choice but I love to spend tie with photographer. Michael Antonio has been a big inspiration for me for the last three years in this crazy fashion industry.

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Photos by Toshio Onda, Styling by Masaki Kataoka

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