Island- Isole. Italian Film Festival – London

Edited by Laura Zauli, Correspondent from London

The second edition of Cinema Made in Italy, the Italian Film Festival in London opened last night and one of the first films was Isole (Islands).

It is curious to hear that the independently produced film that received great reviews abroad, is still to be screened in Italy. Independently produced, with a small contribution from the regione Puglia, shot in 4 weeks it is a clear example that the Italian Cinema is alive and well, thanks to young directors like Stefano Chiantini.

So much so that it intrigued internationally known actress Asia Argento to get involved as one of the main characters. The film is set in the context of current sociological issues, however this is not its focus The interest of the director is about two individuals who are perceived by the outside world as “odd”, the way they meet and recognise each other, their journey of discovery of one another.

The title and the location of the breath taking Tremiti islands symbolise the isolation and insularity of being different form the rest. The ending, without wanting to spoil it for anyone, is left open for everyone to imagine their own particular one, but in the eye of the director, mirroring real life, it is not necessarily a traditional “….and they lived happy ever after…”, because what is important for him is the journey of discovery and the newly acquired dignity of the two individuals.

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