Photos by Jonny Cochrane

Jonny is a London based photographer whose personal work examines people, places and experiences with an often peculiar nature. He finds inspiration in photography’s ability to elevate the mundane to the beautiful and the everyday to the extraordinary. He enjoys making observational images that portray a sense of unexpected mystery and favours developing atmosphere and mood to create narratives that are suggestive rather than explicit. After completing a BA in photography in 2007 Jonny worked sporadically for 2 years as a freelance photographer in London completing commissions for various record labels and going on tour as band photographer to ‘Palladium’ as well as photographing for small NGO’s whilst traveling in Nepal and India. In Sep last year he shot ‘Khao San’ and at the end of 2010 graduated from MA Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at London College of Communication (UAL).”

Part 2 is coming out tomorrow!

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