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Hugo Michaux

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Hugo Michaux

Hugo Michaux studied photography in his home city of Brussels, Belgium, before dropping out to work as an assistant in fashion and commercial photography. He has assisted such renowned photographers as Mario Testino, Jan Welters, Mark Brothwick and Serge Leblon.

His interests, first rooted in photojournalism, have developed to encompass all facets of the art. He has spent seven years travelling the world for work, developing his own personal projects as he goes. Exposure to different environments have given Michaux a unique vision of the world that is both a taste for the exotic and an eye for the everyday. Or, anything that produces an emotional reaction in the spectator.

This is Seoul, South Korea. Everything you can point your camera at can be transformed into a nice image. You just have to choose the right moment, the right frame, the right composition. People, street corners, billboards, market stalls, rubbish lying on the ground, walls… Everything is put in a context, assigned my mood, influenced by lots of external factors, and ends up producing an emotion. This collection of “things” struck me, you can see them trough my camera, watch them through my eyes. 

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