Alex Mullins AW16 collection is inspired by the basic concept of  ‘The process of boredom’. The collection is developed through Alex’s memory, feelings and the idea of Brit Pop and its warped realism approach to artworks. With the sound stages, prints and colours, I can tell you that the collection is definitely not boring, in fact it is very creative and artistic.

Mullins captured the annoying winter temperatures and autumnal transition in to darkness in his AW16 collection – with dark oversize ripped denim coat, baggy jeans and neon lights shining through the fabrics. His vision of this collection can be simply described in one line ‘simple romanticizing the idea of waiting for the bus in the cold’. This collection has totally made Alex’s vision came alive – the wet and windy (models’ hair were made to look drenched) and the warmth from the denim coats, I can related to those feeling in the winter when waiting for the bus in the cold.

Alex Mullins has also collaborated with photographer Hazel Gaskin to create this season figurative textiles.  The paint-covered garments worn in the photos become the artworks fixed in Perspex. Both photos and artworks captured the fine movements of brush strokes and motions and can be seen on most of the garments in the collection.


London Collections Men – Alex Mullins AW16 Presentation
Date: 08th January, 2016
Venue: Victoria House, London

Photographer:  Chris Rinke

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