Strellson at Fashion Week Berlin

“Breaking Pace”

Photos: Petra Fantozzi

Strellson is one of the most successful brand developments of recent years. It is an international, innovative and self-confident brand for the today´s generation.

Minimalist design elements are juxtaposed with lightweight fabrics and unconstructed styles, graphic prints combine with sleek reinterpretations of ethic-look and safari-style details to produce a fresh take of classic looks.

Silhouettes are sleek and form-fitting but broken up by casual elements and clean layering, and there is a general trend toward a more buttoned-up look.

Innovative microstructures, three-dimensional effects and textures, graphic prints, color blocks and color gradations have been updated for the 21st century with new synthetic blends combined with natural fibers, giving materials and colors a metallic sheen.

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