A Place in The World

Production: Matias Errazuriz
Photos: Mauro Ramirez

The house of artist Pablo Ledesma is like being in a far away place, very tall and majestic stands out for its pieces and works of art worthy of a story.

Entering Pablo Ledesma’a house, some 20 kilometers north of Buenos Aires is like transporting to another time, to another country. Set in a corner with lots of trees, this three-story house stands covered by climbing plants, which provide a very bucolic atmosphere. The entrance door is colossal, made of heavy wood and of important dimensions. When you walk into the foyer, there’s an antique armoire that greets the visitor. To the right is the living room of ample dimensions where an oversized piece of art by Eduardo Hoffman stands out. There are hundreds of books that Pablo adores to collect of architecture, art, décor, etc. We see Pablo’s beautiful creations in reclaimed wood all over the place. In the dining room he placed a round table of his signature with six antique Chinese chairs. There’s a large picture by Sebastian de Ganay.

The kitchen looks as though it belongs to an Agatha Christie movie, with an antique flair and a gorgeous collection of cookbooks. The ground floor bathroom has a huge mirror by Pablo Ledesma set on top of an antique washbasin. On the first floor we find the large master bedroom with a king size bed made by him. On one night table there are three Murano pencil lamps from an antique shop in Milan called Roberta e Basta and on the other night table there’s a lamp by 30quarenta by Miguel Bornstein; also a very antique and historic armoire. The bathroom boasts mirrors with reclaimed wood frames. An ample dressing room and office complete this floor. The second floor is composed by a large playroom where children can easily play, a very original bathroom with a door painted in fuchsia and an antique wooden boat underneath the washbasin, and a child’s room.
Like a Chinese box, this house has a surprise….a four level wooden tower. In the basement all the machinery was placed, on the main floor there’s a shed with tools that works as a utility room, on the second floor there’s a Maid’s quarters and on the last floor there’s a dream office full of hundreds and hundreds of books of all kinds. Anything is possible in this house full of originality and good taste where well-defined and noble spaces full of woods abound, just like Pablo created it for his life.

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