Michiko Koshino SS18 is inspired by Michiko’s childhood memory. Taking inspirations from the Japanese baseball teams of the 40’s & 50’s, which is a huge and popular sport in her hometown Osaka. A footwear collaboration with brand Good New completes the sporty baseball collection, especially those baseball themed sneakers to match the outfits and completed the sports cool mood of the SS18 collection.

The SS18 collection definitely showcased Michiko’s atelier, her in- depth understanding of pattern- cutting and craftsmanship. Thick tartans and pinstripes are framed with lightweight nylons and tight cottons, which expressed the strong connection between contemporary and historic sports aesthetics. The SS18 collection also consist of baseball caps, gloves and literal bat as part of the outfit, which made such a statement and well-fitted to her inspiration for sure. The presentation was set in front of a printed cornfield and on a man-made grass. Nevertheless, the most statemented outfits of the collection must be the blow-up jacket.


About Michiko Koshino

Michiko Koshino is the prolific designer behind the unisex streetwear brand of the same name, with a long cultural heritage as one of the influencers of the London 90’s club scene.  Michiko Koshino has also developed a respected reputation amongst the creative community, widely known for her innovation, quality and iconic trend-starting piece. With the SS18 collection, I can definitely see the sporty trend is coming back and I am looking forward to it, especially that blow-up jacket and bright nylon shocks.

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