Little glorious punk rock tour by Patrick Larkin

Photos by Patrick Larkin

These photos all come from a crummy little glorious punk rock tour by two bands from Iowa City, Iowa, called These Needles and Supersonic Piss. The ten-day tour went from Iowa out to Providence, Rhode Island and back.

Shows included in a living room in a row house Philladelphia, show spaces in DeKalb, Il and Milwaukee, in the basement of a converted office space turned anarchist collective in Toledo, a gay bar in Providence, a trashy punker warehouse in Baltimore, a basement with short ceilings in Willimantic, Connecticuit, a bar/venue in Pittsburgh playing only to the other bands, a warehouse/tent village in Chicago, a hidden venue/show space in Minneapolis. The basic goals of the tour included having fun, playing loud, fast, and hard, meeting strange persons, enjoying other bands, seeing some sights, and possibly covering gas expenses. The bands slept mostly on floors, and ate a lot of peanut butter. It was a total dream.

Patrick Larkin is a 23 year old gas station attendant and personal care assistant living in Minneapolis, Minnesota who photographs for his own amusement, but hopes to work as a photographer in some capacity. Please contact him about this. His other hobbies include playing music with his brother and by himself, doodling, fishing, and horticulture. If you want to know more you would certainly flatter him by asking.

01 – Outside of Providence, RI

02 – Supersonic Piss, Chicago, IL

03 – Leg wrestling to see which band goes first, Philadelphia, PA

04 – Outside a warehouse show space in Baltimore, MD

05 – Sharon in Baltimore, MD

06 – Near Providence, RI

07 – Philadelphia, PA

08 – Philadelphia, PA

09 – A creek somewhere in upstate New York

10 – Tammy, DeKalb, IL

11 – Willimantic, CT

12 – Minneapolis, MN

13 – Chicago, IL

14 – Iowa City, IA

15 – Providence, RI

16 – Willimantic, CT

17 – Willimantic, CT

18 – Chicago, IL

19 – Toledo, OH

20 – Milwaukee, WI

21 – Toledo, OH

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