"Pueblo" by Maria de la Iglesia

Photos by Maria de la Iglesia


“Pueblo” is a portrait of a Spanish village in 2010. The pictures create an intimate, sometimes absurd representation of a remote village in a period of economical crisis. Elderly people are the protagonists facing the decline of the population. The land shapes the village and its characters, suspending them in an age from long ago. This is a place where animals roam the streets and death is ever present, a place that refuses to accept modernity, preferring to stay close to the ghosts of tradition.

“Pueblo” is not only a personal journey into the absurd, but it has also become an exploration of the human condition. It is a visual and psychological observation that looks with irony and dark humour at the individuals themselves in a context of contrasts.

Maria de la Iglesia was born in 1978 in Madrid, Spain, and currently lives in London. She studied a 4-year Bachelor Honors Degree in Photography in Dublin Institute of Technology and a Master in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication with a distinction. After graduating in Dublin Maria went back to Spain where she assisted various photographers and moved to London in 2009 to study in LCC. 
Concurrently, she has worked on her own personal projects in portraiture while working as a freelance photographer.

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