Meusee bags by Amal Kiran Jana

Designer: Amal Kiran Jana
Edited by: Liselotte Fleur

A deep merge between art and fashion, a conceptual and philosophical refection of Amal’s emotion is seen in his new capsule called Meusee. This is what Elga Jazz told me, and I’m happy to show you some of his designs. Personally I like functional bags. What attracts me in Amal’s collection, is the concept behind it and the materials he used. The colors of the bags are timeless and universal, like black, grey and nudes and they come in different sizes. So that makes me quite sure that for every kind of woman there will be a bag of her choice in this collection! Please take a look at the pictures and read some more about the concept, inspired by the future.

Amal is a young designer, after completion of his masters from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy where his final works were very appreciated and even featured in; he continued with the same feeling and emotion. Looking deep into his insight, Amal brings out the utmost of his imagination. He takes us to a pathway to the future world; ‘I see a future world with no life anymore no emotions no psyche. Only a virtual journey to your imagination, it’s a place where in your eyes my face remains. Welcome to Subliminal Entity, I don’t know if it will be better or worst but no miseries for sure.’ This is quoted by the designer for his new collection. The collection is very modern and sculptured; transformation is one of the major elements seen in the collection, which is justified by the designer as life being transformed into lifeless planet. Later, the planet is left with the feeling of noir, emptiness and aqua; these elements were seen in certain part of the collection like a black nubuck bag very sculpted and metallic silver spray on one of the gusset. The final part of the collection is called the digital reflection of imagination; certain pixilated reflective leather was seen used in the collection justifying the mood. Overall, the collection looks very fresh, original and experimental at the same time. Avoiding, traditional way of making bags but at the same time keeping the bags very functional, contemporary and quality craftsmanship was seen.

Photography: Jana Anhalt
Styling: Elga Jazz
Model: Alina Bukina

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