My Antonio by Delwin Kamara

Photos by Delwin Kamara


Bio written by Yemi Amu
Delwin Kamara is a 23 year old artist currently living and creating in New York City. He was born in Sierra Leone but moved to Maryland at the age of 9. At an early age, Kamara was known know for his paintings which were displayed in the his school’s hallways, at various events, and most notably on the cover of The Gazette (a local Maryland newspaper).

In 2006, he enrolled at Towson State University in Baltimore, Maryland where he studied Graphic Design. Despite excelling at his studies, Kamara was unable to complete his studies at Towson due to financial complications.
Still determined to pursue a career in the arts, Delwin made the move to New York City in June 2009. This time however, his concentration changed from studio arts to photography. He notes photographers Nobuoshi Araki, Diane Arbus, and Seydou Keita as his biggest inspirations.There is a fascination with nature that is prevalent in many of Kamara’s works and he attributes this to his passion for paintings from the Baroque era, particularly the works of master painter Caravaggio. Kamara currently works for a magazine he created called Open Lab. The publication serves as a forum for creative expressions spanning from studio arts, music, the written word, and fashion photography. It not only serves as an outlet for Kamara as an artist but also as a platform for others with similar passions.

Model: Antonio R.


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