Photos by Carla Fernández Andrade

Carla Fernández Andrade (26) was born in Vigo, in the north west of Spain. But she wanted to live in Nigrán, a little and sailor village near Vigo, and her family currently home. This is because she didn’t like crowds and asphalt, she was a very introverted girl, and what she loved the most was to be in rural and solitary places imagining stories with herself and her invented characters.

Sea also fascinated her, especially Nigrán’s sea, contemplate it helped her to observe her interior. She studied Audiovisual Communication in Salamanca, just because she loved watching and listening beautiful things. She lived in Belgium, she was a journalist in Radio and TV, she worked analyzing international fiction formats, etc… Now, she lives in Madrid and works in a TV Commercial Production Company.


How was your life before you started to be a photographer?
Dark… I think I was absolutely seething… I looked for a way to escape and I didn’t found anything… That frustrated me a lot. I thought I would end up working in the radio, because I like the sound, as a concept, and because, as my sight isn’t very good; I always thought I went blind one day…

How did you decide that you wanted to be a photographer?
I haven’t decided it yet. Shall I be a Photographer one day?


How can you describe your photos?
Imperfect, simple, abstract, net and honest (because I only capture what I feel and what I like). They are a representation, in a metaphor way, of my world. Through it I build my intimate memory.


When you do a portrait, what do you use to focus on? Witch kind of details?
For me it’s very difficult to photograph people, maybe because I feel embarrassed. This is why most of my pictures are about places and animals… But I know there is something that makes a portrait interesting. I think the more human it is, the more captivating it is. And the more natural it is, the more attractive we perceive it…


Can you tell us witch one it’s your best photo, that you like since today and why you like it so much?
I haven’t a favourite one… I think I didn’t take my best photo yet.


Do you prefer to shoot inside or outside?
I normally prefer to be in open places, so it’s the same with Photography. Also because I love natural light, it’s one of the things I bear in mind the most when I’m shooting.


What do you think about the streetphotography?
I really love it, I find so interesting the idea that people build cities and then cities build people, their identities. But, in my case, I don’t feel very identified with city life (at least, in this period of my life) so I don’t find a lot of things with meanings for me in urban places. Besides, city means people, and here appears the problem I told before.


What about your future project?
I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow… But it would be a good think to do a course of photo; I’d like, above all, to study in depth about analogue Photography. And I want to shoot a lot, the most I need to photograph, the happiest I am. These things are closely related…









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