New Vintage Bicycle

Edited by: Roberta De Monte @Roberta_DeMonte
Design by: BSG Bikes
Where: Strasbourg
Proofreading: Fanny De Monte

It’s cheap… certainly cheaper than any other means of transport and it can be used to freely move around the city while doing a bit of exercise. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the bicycle is experiencing a new revival and why many designers and artists have recently focussed their attention on it.

One of the most recent and innovative creation is the Wood.b by the French designers Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos, who founded in Strasbourg BSG Bikes.
Wood.b features a plywood frame, closed and reinforced by steel elements making its structure strong and durable.

The wood mudguards, the sturdy seat and pinstripe tires provide Wood.b with a minimalist vintage look and a timeless design that emphasizes the attention that BSG Bikes places in the study of every detail.

The Wood.b design was indeed deposited as an international patent and the first items will be available from September. Four different frames have been developed so far: Duomatic, Inter 7, Alfine 11 and Nexus 8. Since the metal parts are commonly used in the bicycle sector, the maintenance and repair operations can be carried out at any bicycle shop.

The possibility of customising the bicycle is definitely the most innovative aspect of this new creation: both the type of wood (mahogany, chestnut tree, dark oak, ash, beech, rosewood and walnut) and the colour of the metal parts can be chosen on the BSG Bikes website to make every bike absolutely unique.


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