Today we present a new on-going project, called “Nonluoghi”.

During his travels, he started shooting those places that Marc Augé describes as non-relational, passing, crossing and with no identity. Spaces in which millions of individualities cross eachother without getting in touch, driven by desire to consume or driven by desire to accelerate everyday tasks. It has seen as a result of our ages, characterized by the transit, by the changeover and by the absolute insecurity.

non places
Photo: Luca Galavotti

About the author:
Luca Galavotti is a freelance photographer based in Emilia, Italy. Before becoming a freelance, he has spent some years working for a photography agency in many different places, in Italy and Europe. Most of his works are focused on the relationship among landscape and humans. He shoots mainly on film.

Photo: Luca Galavotti
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