Quito, Ecuador
In a three-hour conversation, I told my parents “I’m gay.” Accompanied by my sisters, I documented the event in the experimental photography project “Unveiled.”
In the planning process, the reality of Unveiled both excited and unnerved me. At 28, the possibility of rejection by my conservative Catholic, Ecuadorian parents, was one of many potential risks. My parents needed to be comfortable. I wanted to document natural reactions.


I needed to desensitize them to cameras. Much preparation was in order. So… I prepared. I photographed them cooking, brushing their teeth, shaving, smoking, and watching soap operas. I photographed them walking, tying their shoes, waking up, working in the office. I photographed my mother doing her nails. The preparation for the project, surprisingly, plays an integral role in the actual project: coming out to my family at a dinner table, with three cameras, each shooting every five seconds.

The finished product provides the viewer a series of images, each telling a different story of the family they portray, the way those members interact, and ultimately, a photographer Unveiled.


About the author:
Paola Paredes started her creative career as a graphic artist before discovering her passion for photography. It happened while pursuing a BA in graphic design in her hometown Quito, Ecuador. She became intrigued by the art of taking pictures and signed up for a supplementary photography course. These days she is mostly a documentary photographer, focused on issues of people and place. She is currently about to start a second MA at LCC London.

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