By Kenia Cris


Enrico Doria was born in Palermo (Italy), in 1978. He’s a Doctor of Research in Genetics from Pavia University, where he got also a master degree in Biological Sciences. His photography is exhibited for the first time in 2006 in Milano and after that his works travel around other important cities in Italy and France. One may believe to be faced with ghosts when first introduced to some of Enrico’s photos, like the ones in the series ‘Solitude’  and ‘Street’ (pictured below). The solitude of human soul is a recurrent image he invites people to confront. The calm eyes will at some point notice Enrico’s lens capture essences – the ordinariness that never stops making individuals singular; the worries and fears of invisible people, that never stopped existing, that have always been subjected to some sort of negligence. They find place in his inspiring photography, he makes sure they will be heard echoing their message through his work.

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