North Dakota: a protest against the pipeline

 The water protectors, or protestors, worked all night to construct a bridge, which allowed access from the main camp to an island near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. As protestors attempted to cross the bridge they were pepper sprayed and shot with rubber bullets.  Eventually law enforcement came in on boats and destroyed the bridge.  People began swimming across to the island in the freezing cold water to form a line just a few feet from law enforcement officers who stood on the island. I could hear rubber bullets being fired and mace being sprayed.  Protesters were swimming back in desperate need of help.  Some seemed hypothermic from the cold water temperature, some had been sprayed badly with pepper spray, and some were in shock after being shot with rubber bullets at close distances.  Officers slowly began to leave and so did the protestors.  Eventually, all protestors were called back to main camp to re- group.

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Nicholas Small is a twenty year old photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. He started making images at the age of twelve after discovering his father’s Nikon film camera. As a kid, Nicholas worked in darkrooms at local schools and honed his skills on film. He is currently exploring Ghettos in America and occasionally covers breaking news.

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