Pascal Fellonneau, election posters in Paris

Edited by Victor Anton

Photos by Pascal Fellonneau

We are now in the middle of the French presidential campaign and photographer Pascal Fellonneau decided to capture its spirit by photographing the posters around the city of Paris.

“There are candidate posters slowly appearing here and there torn down almost immediately by their political ennemies. I decided to shoot systematically all the interesting posters I go through to make a series out of it.”

Pascal Fellonneau is a French photographer exploring the landscapes of Europe from Iceland
to Spain, from his hometown Bordeaux to Paris where he now lives. An important part of his
work questions the urban scene as we inhabit it. His pictures depict strange yet familiar
landscapes often devoid of humanity.
After living in Iceland for a few years, he was beneficiary of a grant from French ministry of
Culture in 2005, and began exhibiting in several countries across Europe (France, Greece,
Germany, Sweden).
His press and corporate assignments include clients like Wallpaper City Guides, Elle, The
Guardian, TGV magazine, Allianz, Total, Australian Wine Selectors or Le Figaro Magazine.
His works have also appeared in various art reviews like O.K. Periodicals, Standard
Magazine, Mouvement or Le Festin.

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