Osman Balkan is a Berlin-based portrait photographer. His photography is much influenced by editorial work and portraying life.

With his years of experience in photographing actors and his current work with model agencies and magazines have made him become very fluent in working with people. He also draws attention to himself as a protagonist in his own work. There is no distinction for him between personal and commercial work as both flow into each other.
He is inspired by many things, but the film and music-media have become his main influence and made him even more fascinated in photography and its ways to create imagery.

In this project I tried to strip the pictures down to a minimum so that its only the white background and the model. Its about focusing completely about the model and not let anything distract from it. Like a blank canvas. Emphasizing the characteristics of the model. Trying to keep it intimate and honest. The best thing to do this is a studio situation and finalizing it in black and white photography.








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