Cover: Clinton Weber by M.Epps

Cover by: Simon J. David

Dear readers, thanks a lot for your support! We are really happy that you are keep following our magazine, we are growing everyday more.

We are going to relase the new issue of POSI+TIVE on the 26th of April. There are some big news about it.
Since we started we wanted to give you the best contents, with a mix of the things that we really like, from reportage photography to fashion.

To keep alive POSI+TIVE we decided that we need some little resources. We tried as much as possible to avoid advertising, doing this magazine just for fun.

We wanted to give you a special issue, with better contents, written in italian and english, without advertising inside.
As we worked pretty hard for that and i hope you’ll like as we do. To follow keeping the best contents, discovering photographer, artists, documentarist, models, brands, architects we need your help.

The new issue will have a little cost this time do download it: just 2 euros, 2 dollars, 2 pounds.
We want to use this money not to be rich, but to invest them in the magazine and realize better contents just for you. 2 Euros are the price of a Coffe, 2 pounds is half beer, 2 dollars is more or less a sandwich.

I really hope that you can understand this decision and you’ll help us dowloading the new issue.

Thanks a lot,


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