Zoo Keepers by Marco Mega

Zoo Keepers by Marco Mega

Marco Mega is an Italian photographer based in London specialized in photojournalism and documentary photography. He is a member of NUJ and works as free lance with press agencies and magazines worldwide.

The project has been shot in 1 week in March 2010. At ZSL London Zoo they are about 50 keepers. The role of a zoo keeper is one of the most popular jobs involving animals. They have responsibility both to the animals and to the general public.

Keepers provide daily care for a zoo’s animals. Their routine involves cleaning enclosures, preparing food, providing fresh water and clean bedding and ensuring that animal enclosures are kept at the appropriate temperature and humidity.

They also keep records on health, diet and the behaviour of the animals in their care and assist the vet when either preventive or curative treatment is needed.

“It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a keeper”.

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