Positive Magazine + Biennale Urbana Party #venezia73

As we like to find places that are into our magazine philosophy, we have been able to host our event in a special location: the former military barrack “Gugliemo Pepe“, at the Lido di Venezia, just close to the Nicelli Airport. It was a way to celebrate our last issue and also to give the opportunity to see a place that usually is not open to the public, as the barrack at the moment is just abandoned. Thanks to Biennale Urbana, which is hosting an artistic residence there till the 20th of september, our guest had the chance to enjoy a great night in a special place. We have been hosting few different DJS: Quiet Circle B2B Federico Gabrielli, Cygné, Alberto Ruvoletto and Falangè, and we have been dancing till late. Positive Magazine has been covering the Venice film Festival in collaboration with Badtaste.it and now that the festival is over, we are looking forward to the next edition of the Venice Film Festival. It has been a great year, a lot of work for us, but also the feeling that thanks to our readers we are motivated to continue to work on our magazine every day harder, to deliver the best we can find.

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