#venezia73 Brimstone – The review

Translation by Bianca Baroni
In collaboration with Badtaste.it

Four chapters (Disclosure, Exodus, Genesis, Punishment), -and the first three written chronologically backwards- are the lifting body of the western deeds Brimstone, which is the first great international work for the Dutch director Martin Koolhoven, class 1969.

Dakota Fanning, Kit Harington, Guy Pearce e Carice van Houten. The cast is huge but the movie is too ambitious, involountarily ridiculous and sure to be more significant that what it is.

It has a rhetorical and redundant soundtrack, the movie is essentialy Dakota Fanning against Guy Pearce. She’s a mute Western mother with a history of violence in her past, while he’s caricature-reverend, blunt and cruel, more indistructible than Michael Myers of the first Halloween (1978), and his look is identical to Brad Pitt’s one in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Fanning is blank (like she was in the ecological noir Night Moves at Venice Festival in 2013) and Pearce is wearying in his overacting.

Venice Festival keeps on playing on the lowest instincts in its contest. At the beginning, Tom Ford’s game on the explotation genre about rape & revenge with Nocturnal Animals, now this western and its monster worthy of a slasher movie and a feat of acrobatics made by Fanning that is one of the most absurd and bad thought of the cinema (Lethal Weapon 2 fans will be filled with indignation!!)

The worst movie of the contest has reached the Festival.

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