Positive Magazine, in collaboration with Biennale Urbana, and thanks to the support of Bevande Futuriste and Giol Italian Organic and Vegan Wines, organized an unique event during the Venice Film Festival.

    The serie it’s entitled as Until the body holds, this name appears one night of a summer Jarana (party) while he was in the street with friends, it’s related with the place where this shoots where made. Photography and text by Jano Soto Cossio I work from my everyday life, doing a crossing between […]

Giacomo Cosua Reporting from Venice, Italy. Today in Venice the demonstration of the extreme right / neo-nazi party “Forza Nuova”. Around 100 people arrived in Venice by train from Verona, Treviso and Padova to demonstrate against homosexuality and for the pride of the “Italian Family”. In the meanwhile, a group of young people tried to […]

At time of writing I actually just got home from a festival to pick up these things because I am male and therefore don’t think further than a couple of hours ahead. So this could not get any more real or authentic (so real I had to use two synonyms to describe the amount of […]

  „Fête de la Musique“, initiated in France in 1982, started to develop in Europe in 1985 with European Year of Music. Since 1995, the public and private bodies present have co-organised a European Music Fest, every 21st June, in order to show their will to foster improved knowledge of the current artistic realities in […]

Celebrate Berlin’s Sustainable Urban Culture at Emergent Berlin! Editor: Nicole Winchell This coming Saturday, June 1, 2013, like-minded thinkers and doers will come together on the banks of Spree in the spirit of educating, exchanging, collaborating, networking and, of course, having fun. The Emergent Berlin Festival will offer a full program of events, starting with […]