The serie it’s entitled as Until the body holds, this name appears one night of a summer Jarana (party) while he was in the street with friends, it’s related with the place where this shoots where made.

Photography and text by Jano Soto Cossio

I work from my everyday life, doing a crossing between documental shooting and street shooting, without planning the scene. I’m looking for the spontaneity of the shoot, and makimg that the shoot speaks by itself.

The photographic act in the moment, it’s no the protagonist. It’s generated like mechanically, with the passage of time, it acquires a deeper dimension, photographed moments resurface, and with them, the memories. The reason for the choice and the randomness of the result.

In the images do not show me, but talk about me through them, my friends, the places where we move, the nonsense of the local routine that is manifested in this self-destructive way of dealing with it. Drugs, alcohol , skate and vandalism are the way. Scratches , noise and movement in the shoots exalt the procedure.

They were made between December 2014 and february 2015 in the town of Paillaco in analog format 35mm. color, using a compact point and shoot second-hand camera and defeated 100 asa film.

Jano Soto Cossio aka Satan4ss it’s an visual artist and photographer of 27 years old, he lives in Paillaco, a little town in the south of Chile. The shooting work that he develops it’s related to his own life, from an intimate point of view. In his shoots we can see different moments of daily life, the relation with his friends, the skateboarding, the street, the drug use, the vandalism and the music, all of this inside the same social context.

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