Skela’s project 10: a countdown of pop

I have interviewed Skela last year for her EP and I am again talking about her new project: 10. It’s a countdown of 10 releases, made with hard work and no budget.
project 10

Project 10 is made of music videos and songs, created with hard work and team work. Skela and friends put together their creativity and ideas for this project, shooting videos around New York in the summer heat with no budget but still with a lot of passion.

The project is titled 10 because it is a countdown of 10 songs and 10 music videos to be released before the end of this year. When the last song comes out, Skela will be releasing a parallel project she has been working on during this period.

[quote_box name=””]My biggest belief as an artist is you just have to create within your own means but not feel limited by them. I made everything on this project with the help of my friends, specifically two other girls I make all my visuals with.[/quote_box]

Sailboat is a modern Disney fable, with a red-hair Ariel in mermaid dresses. Skela’s voice in this first song is ethereal and soft, like the voice of an angel, or of a siren. The base is electronic pop, maintaining the pop style she had in her first EP. The feeling is that of independence from a long gone love story. In the beginning you can see frames from vintage videos of New York, all about ships, sailors and goodbyes.

In Lacuna, the music style is pop and dreamy, with that 90s Cali vibes. The video is homemade and the frames focus on the girls bodies, enhancing their femininity and their sensuality. The dreamy rythm and the grainy video shot with a normal camera gives you the feeling of summer and youth.

I’m Not Hungry is shot in a cemetary and the dancer expresses her femininity with her strong, powerful body, in contrast with the sweetness of the song and Skela’s voice.

Linda is her latest release and it’s a perfect love song. I can imagine many young couples using as their relationship anthem. It’s still homemade and grainy, but this is the reason which makes it feel more real and closer to one’s experience with love.

Hard work, passion, creativity and women empowerment are the foundations of this project and you can see it through all these videos and certainly through the next releases. Don’t miss the next ones on her YouTube channel, Spotify, Facebook and Apple Music.

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