The hospital Carlo Forlanini was inaugurated in Rome on the 10th December 1934. It was intended for the treatment of tubercolosis patients, a disease that was very widespread at the time and very dangerous.

The treatment at that time involved thoracic surgery and a long period of rest in an hygienic and well ventilated environment. For this reason the Forlanini hospital was built in the centre of a large green area of 280 thousand square metres.  It was an exceptional  and avantgarde hospital structure, which for several years was the pride of the Italian health system.

Unfortunately, today there remains only the department of nuclear medicine, some offices and the university area. Officially due to running costs deemed to be unsustainable by the administration, the closure of the sanitorium began in 2007 and was finally completed only in the summer of 2015. During this long period of time, as each structure was closed,  it was left in a state of complete abandon, at the mercy of wrongdoers of all types and nationalities who occupied and destroyed the majority of the structure,  transforming the Forlanini Hospital into a place full of anguish and gloom.

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Alessandro Romagnoli was born in Rome in 1978, Giuseppe Pezza was born in Terracina in 1987 and he moved to Rome in 2010 and began his photographic studies by attending the best schools of the capital, where in 2013 he meets Alessandro Romagnoli. Both participating in several group exhibitions of considerable importance as “the darkroom project”, “the monster” and “FotoLeggendo”  Currently they are living and working in Rome as freelance photographers, dealing mainly on reportage, but both cultivate a passion  for street photography and printing in the darkroom.

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