Sol89, Daycare Center in Ayamonte, Spain

By Roberto Lucchese

Photos by Jesus Granada

A public building should be able to not have doors. María González and Juanjo López de la Cruz think of these buildings as technical fragments from the connected public space network throughout the city that retain their belonging to the nature of the streets, squares and gardens. From this discussion the architects propose that the Daycare Center become a transit device and reconcile the city and the abandoned park where it is situated, conceiving it as a place to play and to be for neighbors and children.

The nursery bends and turns to meet the plunged plane of the park eight feet below the road, establishing a relationship of maximum transparency and complementarity with the degraded park inducingits recovery. This notion of nexus that joins different links of the public spaces suggests slow transitions between public spaces and the building interior, by inserting two cushion-spaces that allow a paused access through the north ramp and the deep south porch.



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