Text and photos by Hugo Michaux

My girlfriend was 6 months pregnant with our first child and everyone kept asking me when I was going to take the obligatory shots of her ballooning belly. So we packed a bag of gear and went to the studio where, after much trial and error,I decided to ditch the classical plain grey backdrop and opted instead for a soft and simple daylight setup. The series (unintentionally) took on a more of a fashion feel, and reminds me a little of a maternity wear catalogue.


Hugo Michaux studied photography in is home city of Brussels, Belgium, before dropping out to work in fashion and commercial photography as an assistant to a number of national and international photographers.
His interests, though rooted in photojournalism, have developed to encompass all facets of the art. He has spent years travelling the world and developing his own personal projects as he goes.
Exposure to different environments have given Michaux a unique vision of the world that embraces both a taste for the exotic and eye for the everyday, with a particular eye for images that produce an emotional reaction in the spectator.

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