The composition of the four international juries – Venezia 74, Orizzonti, Venice Virtual Realty and the Premio Opera Prima “Luigi De Laurentiis” – for the 74th Venice Film Festival, directed by Alberto Barbera and organized by the Biennale of Venice, presided over by Paolo Baratta, has been announced: let's discover them.

What role architectural expertise can play in a forensic legal analysis? Architecture as Evidence, the exhibition opened yesterday at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montréal, explores the role of architectural expertise in a forensic legal analysis of evidence presented at a trial concerning Auschwitz. The exhibition, curated by Anne Bordeleau, Sascha Hastings, Donald McKay, […]

Photolux Festival 2015 International Biennial of Photography Lucca, 21 November – 13 December PHOTOLUX is the Biennial International Festival of Photography that takes place in Lucca, Tuscany. As a symbol of the project, we have chosen Light, the essence of Photography. In today’s world, where we are constantly bombarded by a plethora of images, PHOTOLUX, […]

Jager-Le Coultre and the Venice Biennale have announced that the world famous director Brian De Palma have win the “Jager-LeCoultre Glory to the filmaker 2015” for the upcoming 72th International Venice Film Festival, a dedicated prize to people that have made the contemporary movies so particular and special. Brian De Palma, that will be not […]

Text by Francesco Alò Translation by Bianca Baroni Photo by Alessio Costantino Yesterday night, at 7:30pm, in Sala Darsena, there were mixed feelings towards Sivas by Kaan Müjdeci, shown for the first time. Somebody clapped hands, other hissed, a man shouted something against the screen and then left. Is this the scandal-movie we were waiting […]

Luisa Ranieri was choosen to host the Venice Film Festival and yesterday was her first day at Lido di Venezia, with a new dress designed by Alessandro Dall’Acqua n.21. Photos by Alessio Costantino.

Photos from the 14th. Edition of the International Biennale of Architecture in Venice – Arsenale.

Edited by: Riccardo Del Fabbro Event: 14th Biennale of Architecture Where: Venice, Italy Proofreading: Bianca Baroni A principle, a law, something that is at the basis of an idea or a system. That’s the meaning of FUNDAMENTALS. But it is also the theme of the 14th edition of the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, which […]

Edited by: Eugenia Gotti Event: Collateral Events Biennale Where: around Venice, Italy Are you ready? 21 Collateral Events will take place alongside the other official exhibitions during the 14th International Architecture Exhibition (June 7 – 23 November 2014). Selected by Rem Koolhass and supported by non-profit national and international institutions, these collateral events will take place around Venice and, in the words […]