Mizuki Nishiyama

Bight and contrasting colours such as fluorescent yellows, lime greens and deep reds are shades that lead her artworks to look rich and vibrant. Nishiyama’s choice of medium are currently focused on acrylic paints and poetry. Although painting is her primary approach, she has always had a fond for Literature. Flipping through Nishiyama’s expanding collection of poetry, one can recognise the similar dark and confrontational style also seen in her paintings.

Common themes in Nishiyama’s work revolve around the topic of human fragility. What makes human fragility so irresistible to Nishiyama is how fickle of an entity it is to her. The human capacity is a colossal spectrum that can greatly bend and mould anyone’s path. The idea of passion to Nishiyama; is the most electrifying sensation in the world. It is not limited to peer to peer relationships, but passion for ones ambitions, passion in love, passion in hatred, passion in anger, sadness, regret, the list goes on and on. Unwilling to create anything less than the pure production of passion from within, Nishiyama’s artworks change overtime. However, the style of a dark, abstract expressionism remains indistinguishable within her array of works.

Unsure of where life will take her, Nishiyama simply wants to stay true and authentic to her work. Having a strong desire to create her own kind of artist, Nishiyama refuses to enter a realm of stereotypes and conformities. As a new and developing artist, Nishiyama is working towards her way to finding out what kind of an artist she really is. With such raw and humanistic style of work, Nishiyama believes that there will be an audience out there that can relate closely to her pieces.

About the author:
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mizuki Nishiyama is a Japanese multi-media artist based in New York, currently studying Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design.

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