The Fantastic Travel: a project by Sarah Bouillaud

Blurring the frontier between reality and fiction, she is creating an in-between world. She is using the photographic medium as a proof of the reality which she transforms by developing it digitally in a final image.

She remained influenced by the analogical photography and its codes (grain, negative, solarisation..). Each image and piece of image are produced by herself and post-produced in a digital way: actually, there are two moments of creation: when she is shooting and when she is making the digital process. Working on her photographic daily life diary, Sarah Bouillaud is questioning her memory and imagination that change her memories: even if we get pictures of our past we will never remember what happened exactly. She is also wondering about our world today, with its inhabitants, its changes and its ecological and social issues.

About the author of the fantastic travel:
Sarah Bouillaud was born in 1985. She lives and works in Paris, France as photographer and graphic designer. She graduates at Icart Photo School in Paris. She is a member of Studio Hans Lucas. She has been published by Le Monde, Libération, Soixante-Quinze.

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