The earthquake in Italy: 290 victims.

A mass funeral took place today in Italy, at the presence of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, for part of the 290 victims died in Wednesday’s earthquake, which took place at 3.33 am.
Photo: Stefano Fristachi

Amatrice is probably the small town with most casualties, and the mayor confirmed that the city is totally disappeared. Italy is not new to this terrible events, as not far from this area, another earthquake in 2009 happened around l’Aquila, with 309 people killed, 1600 injured. Most of the victims of this last earthquake   were Italian, but several foreigners were among those killed.

We present here a reportage shot by the italian photographer Stefano Fristachi (Florence 1981)specialized in Photojournalism at the I.E.F.C. (Institut d’Photographic Studies of Catalonia). The images are showing the situation today in Amatrice and probably this time the photos are able to communicate the devastation and the sadness of this terrible event.
In Italy now the discussion is about the reason of this huge building collapsing, considering the fact that a similar event in Japan would effect the area in different way, probably avoiding victims and major damage to the buildings. An investigation is starting taking place, in particular on those new building that have been recently renovated, like a elementary school which was almost totally destroyed by the earthquake. How it happened? Why they didn’t built following the anti-earthquake techniques? Probably a very long investigation by the authorities is the only chance to know if there was a chance to avoid victims and damages for hundreds of millions euros to this area.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]HOW TO HELP FROM OUTSIDE ITALY:
ITALIAN RED CROSS: IBAN IT38R0760103000000000900050; BIC/SWIFT BPPIITRRXXX)[/quote_colored]
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