Vivenne Westwood FW2016

Photo: Chiara Tiraboschi
Text by Stefano Guerrini
Photos: Chiara Tiraboschi
Translation: Bianca Baroni
She made the internet and journals talk about her during Milan Fashion Week, due to her new advertising campaign with the porn actor Colby Keller and his full frontal photos by Juergen Teller: Vivienne Westwood put on her runway a man who flirts ambiguously and in a no gender way, using also a female total look among the others, but it all does not shock our English designer’s fans.

It’s not Keller to walk the runway, but Dustin, the other model at the centre of the promotional campaign, who’s also one of the favorites of our stylist, in fact he’s not at his first season with her. Dustin appears with his rock stride, surrounded by a series of male figures which involves some classical beauties, like the Italian supermodel Fabio Mancini, and other histrionic ones, such as Olivier Langhendries, once guest at “Quelli che il calcio” (an Italian TV show, Ed.) with his floral adornments. The collection involves extra volumes, for knitwear and jackets, items of clothing that will make all the fashion addicts happy, such as the salmon shearling jacket you should wear together with a rainbow sweater or the pink sartorial suit, but also some one-shoulder vests on skinny tartan trousers, knitting undershirts with wide necklines for those who want to show their pectorals, and even a lamé suit. You should not be distracted by this inclination towards mix and match, by the laugh at the classical collections, in a creative and catchy style, with typical Westwood’s quotes of past eras, there is pinstripe on red tones, there are oversize cardigans, a tapestry tracksuit – that will become a must-have. Because there’s one thing we’ve always loved about Vivienne Westwood: her ability to enchant the eccentrics, to clothe both the club kid and the City professional. The excess is often used to convey messages, only after that there’s the quality of the product itself. We love Westwood for her capacity to mix both these ways.

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Vivienne Westwood FW2016

Vivienne Westwood FW2016

Di Stefano Guerrini Foto: Chiara Tiraboschi Dopo aver fatto parlare giornali e

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