Shot entirely with either 35mm or 120mm film, “West Harlem: The Broadway Artery” is centered around the neighborhood of Hamilton Heights in West Harlem, New York City.

Broadway Avenue is one of the main commuter arteries of Manhattan and stretches from the top to the bottom of the island. Running along the western bank of Manhattan, Broadway Avenue acts as an extension of the Harlem home, attracting the vibrancy of the neighborhood while illuminating much of it’s diversity, culture and personality.

About the author:
Cebe Loomis is a Vassar College graduate with a degree in Anthropology. She has dedicated her career to further exploring the power of visual anthropology as a form of art activism and since graduating from Vassar in the spring of 2013, has contributed visual components for the research of UCLA Professors of Anthropology and Sociology, worked for National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry and research assisted for documentary/visual anthropological photographers, Ed Ou and Kitra Cahana. Specializing in ethnographic photo-essays, Loomis has conducted research in various countries—from exploring the family dynamics of the Cambodian household; to investigating the complications of devout nationalism within Cuba’s socioeconomic framework; to illuminating the hopes and fears of a group of boys graduating from Malibu High School.

we were told that the promise land
could be found above 137th st.


added snapbacks and fast words
a renaissance and that swoosh
a new wave and those jordans
corner pick ups and stoop drop offs
the swats managed by sidewalks shade,
a game of straight dominos,
and some bumping merengue


dominican ices and too many ambulances
mexican soaps and forgotten cemeteries
sometimes i’m a mami
but other times i’m that white bitch with a tan
a police raid jams up the school buses
the project wave over to the brownstones
the brownstones raise a hand and offer a good day in return


maybe the promise land we were told about
is in that abandoned P.S. on the 145th
the one with shoes hanging from it’s telephone wires
yeah… maybe
or what if it’s being sold and bought by that taco truck…
on the parked outside those vacant classrooms,
the one that services out faded nights



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