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Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

You Can Now

The Creative Member YCN network has recently launched a new magazine, proposed as a part of a subscription to the new website As a starting point for this new publishing adventure they decided to create a magazine with a strong visual impact, full of ideas, essays and inspirations.

You Can Now

Once the first issue was filed, which was appropriately entitled ‘Begin’, the second theme was presented: ‘Get Lost’, a single indication that allows to range, flipping through the pages, from science to technology, from creative industries to art.

You Can Now

In the second issue you can find an interview with Ray Kelvin, founder of the brand Ted Baker, who answer to Paul Flynn’s questions and talks about the problem of how to build a creative business. There are also many contributions from some magazine maestros such as Jeremy Leslie (who runs the blog Magculture), Dan Crowe (Port), Robert Bound (Monocle), Tom Cheshire (Wired), Jim Carroll (BBH London) and Charlotte Rey (ACNE). The illustrations and photographs were taken by Dan Woodger, Damien F. Cuypers, Jasper Rietman, The Tiger, Lauren Crow, Robert G. Fresson, Sam Island, Brian W. Ferry, Carol Sachs and Nick Ballon.

You Can Now

The magazine is made ​​up of several sections: one is dedicated to travelling, others have various writings about technology, sports, food. The last chapter is a showcase of talent recommended by the contributors themselves: new photographers, illustrators and artists. You can easily get your subscription of the quarterly magazine on YouCanNow official website.

You Can Now


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