365 Days of Phone.tography by Pedro Cortacans


Edited by Ada Sbriccoli, Photography Editor
Photographs and text by Pedro Cortacans

Pedro Cortacans is a Barcelona-based Architect and Interior Designer. As an independent photographer he created 365 Days of Phone.tography, a project focused on the photographer’s “attentive eye” and the capacity of broadcasting “spontaneous impulses” provided by today’s technology.

There is one electronic device in every person’s pocket that merges both. In the middle of a megapixel, high-iso, frames-per-second, pixels-per-inch race to who-knows-where, I am here proposing a series of photos taken every day and for a year with my mobile telephone’s camera, edited in it, and posted to my Twitter account from the phone. No sophisticated camera, expensive lens or computer used at all.

My telephone’s camera has very low resolution, but the editing software available produces even smaller images. I am not in control of the basic parameters such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance. It has no zoom at all (not even digital). There is dust inside the piece of transparent plastic that protects the lens, that I cannot clean nor erase, since the software does not provide to do so yet. The camera cannot handle intense light, and won’t focus on dark places. But for 365 days, it will be “my best camera”, because it is the one I will carry with me all the time.

The project is a collection of 365 photographies, of an average person’s everyday life. It is not about one single photo or style; it is about life being posted on real time on the Internet, by using an attentive eye, spontaneous criteria, fast technique, and the Internet.

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