A garden to connect London

Edited by: Eugenia Gotti – Architecture Department Editor – 

Where : London, River Thames

Art work: Haetherwick Studio  + ARUP

1According to Transport for London’s (TfL) tender for proposals to improve pedestrian links across the river, Heatherwick Studio and ARUP have developed an idea for a new, 367-meter long ‘Garden Bridge’ that will span the river from Temple to the Southbank across the River Thames; a concept to connect North and South London with a garden.

3The revival of the South Bank over the past two decades has created a vibrant and artistic district attracting large number of visitors to its art galleries, theatres, music halls, restaurants and outdoor entertainment. However, visits to Temple and the north bank area east of Somerset House and Waterloo Bridge are far less frequent.2

“With a structure that widens and narrows across its span, the elevated garden will not only be a safe and easy way for London’s many commuters and visitors to cross the river, it will also make places along its length for pedestrians to stop and better enjoy the remarkable river setting and unparalleled views of the city. ” Haetherwick Studio said.


Tristram Carfrae, Project Director at Arup said of the project: “The idea is simple; we’re trying to create a bridge that looks beautiful, is durable, is efficient to construct and will support a garden spanning the River Thames. This is not an easy feat and we’re working closely with Heatherwick Studio to ensure that the design and engineering work seamlessly together to create an ingenious result.”4Heatherwick is expect to submit the planning application for the £150 million project in early 2014. Construction is planned to begin in 2015.


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