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Angel Leung is the fashion editor of Positive Magazine, writing anything from online designers to fashion weeks. Having a Sports Sciences and Nutrition degree, she loves to cook and exercise. Fitness, Food and Fashion are her passion. Having worked in online journalism over the years, she's picked up an unhealthy addictions for uploading her life on instagram (mainly what she eats and work out routines).

The concept of KTZ’s spring/summer 16 collection have inspired by the formula 1 cars speeding through track. The moment in time, during innocence, when one can invent their own character and be whomever they want to be. Before the pressures and expectations of society are set upon us, imagination overrules. At the show, I was […]

“I was looking at people who are so natural in their clothing, they think they are blending in, but they’re totally not, there’s a real freedom to it.” James Long described the starting point of his SS16 collection.  The concept of this collection created by James Long was “informally formal dress and the freedom of […]

For Spring Summer 2016, the theme for CMMN SWDN was the interpretation of real life. The vision of the clothes are very simple and casual. The prints was inspired by famous paintings from artists such as Nicolas de Staël, Albert Glizes and Tayeb Metha on vinyl, reworking and distorting the prints, using mixed media, screen […]

For this season, Alex Mullins captured the feeling of ‘All Holidays Ever’ to create this spring/summer collection. The collection is also inspired by stories and environments. The set up of the presentation was interesting with colourful foam maps bundled up and placed all around the room, made you feel like you are in the country […]

Focus: LCM SS16: BELSTAFF The Belstaff spring/summer 2016 collection was inspired by the concept of the great British desert explorer, an intrepid and adventurous figure. It is also motivated by the drive for discovery in the most hottest and unforgiving places in the world. The collection also follows through the translation Belstff history of supplying […]

Fyodor Golan ‘s AW 15 collection was inspired by their trip to Asia – Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing, finding unique things that goes beyond reality and letting that unique item speaks for itself.  In this collection, a lot of garments were made from plastic materials, as the concept of protective by the plastic cover. […]

For AW 15 collection, Paul has introduced variety of bright colours such as Blush Rose, Mulberry, yellow, Sapphire Blue and Orange, brighting up the winter. This collection is  an experiment of texture and to celebrate and enhance all women’s shape with balance, elongation and remaining elegant. Paul Costelloe AW 15 Fashion show  London Fashion Week Autum/Winter 2015 […]

The AW 15 collection of Jean-Pierre Braganza is called ‘Excelsiora’. This collection is a modern version of film Noir Vixen and a War- time heroine. The collection fits well with all body shape, enhancing the Metroplis era with balance, strength and elegance. The structured airtex dress in oilslick black, the wool bomber with a high […]

The AW15 collection was inspired by the term ‘ luxury in motion’. In this collection, DAKS has calibrated with motorbike wheels, in which to celebrate the great iconic story of English motorcycling. Bikers’ gloves, jackets and shoes made this collection so edgy.Different variations of colours and prints were used in the collection such as deep red, […]

For this collection, Christopher Raeburn‘s collection was inspired by survival, endurance and immersion with the aptly named collection. The idea of exploring the open ocean, endeavouring to survive the cruel hardships and formidable conditions. This collection was balanced out with some bright colours, playful exploration of fabrics and technique.