Casting Calls Milan's Man Fashion week s/s 2011

Photos by Federico Lecce

A reportage about new Faces and great models around the last Milan Man Fashion week realized by the Italian Photographer and scout Federico Lecce!

Schermata 2010-06-22 a 01.00.24

Schermata 2010-06-05 a 20.11.51

Model: Ian Reid
Agency: Why Not

Schermata 2010-06-06 a 01.59.42

Model Oxford Nielsen
Agency: Why Not

Schermata 2010-06-09 a 12.12.36

Model: Jente Van der Velden
Agency: Why Not

Schermata 2010-06-21 a 23.50.52

Model: Loammi Goetghebeur
Agency: Elite

Schermata 2010-06-19 a 22.35.05

Model: Johannes Brussau
Agency: Future Milano

Schermata 2010-06-19 a 14.41.41

Schermata 2010-06-19 a 14.39.12

Model: Max Panichetti
Agency: Future Milano

Schermata 2010-06-16 a 23.37.10

Model: Joachim Gram
Agency: Future Milano

Schermata 2010-06-16 a 22.49.25

Model: Mateusz Rogenbuk
Agency: Future Milano

Schermata 2010-06-16 a 21.17.40

Model: Alexander Muto
Agency: Boom Agency / Next

Schermata 2010-06-15 a 20.18.38

Model: Stefano Corinto
Agency: Urban Management

Schermata 2010-06-14 a 20.12.16

Model: Saverio Rotini
Agency: Why Not

Schermata 2010-06-13 a 22.45.17

Model: Gergo Kutsera
Agency: Major Model Management

Schermata 2010-06-11 a 00.31.39

Model: Nils
Agency: Future Milano


Model: Pawel Kutnik
Agency: Future Milano

Schermata 2010-06-16 a 20.03.34

Model: Leo Eller
Agency: Independent

Editor’s Note: ( Tutti i diritti d’immagine sono delle relative agenzie)

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