Today is the Cyber monday also on Positive Magazine! Four our readers we give a chance to get a nice price drop for the quality clothes OnePiece directly from Norway to the cyber world and then delivered to your home.

OnePiece was founded in Oslo in 2007 and as sometimes happen simple ideas are the best. OnePiece is a great brand to find the best of hoodies, sweatpants all together in one piece: the Jumpsuit, one of the main core product of the norvegian brand. At first when they started it was not easy to communicate an innovative idea into something new to wear. But the dedication was worth and what you can do now is to spend time on OnePiece website and find your favourite clothes to buy and enjoy the Cyber Monday that is allowing you to get a nice discount and get delivered at home your new super comfortable jumpsuit, or one of the many other products you can find designed by OnePiece.

What are you waiting for?!

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