Chic and Functional: Fashion Ideas We Can Learn from Nurses


Nurses can’t afford to have fashion accessories or the wrong pair of shoes get in the way of their job. There is a lot we can learn from the way nurses dress for work (and in general). Here are some of the best fashion ideas if you want to look chic and functional.

Perfect Fit

Before you even start thinking about accessories or colors, the one thing you need to focus on is size. Fashion items that fit you perfectly will give you the most comfort when worn. Perfect fit is always the aim whenever new nurses are shopping for scrubs.
You want whatever you wear to hug you beautifully, but not too tight that you risk having your pants rip when you’re in the middle of something urgent. A friend who was also taking her RN to MSN online course at the University of Arizona once told a story about how her pants ripped while she was trying to resuscitate a patient; that’s always a clear sign that you need to go up one size.
Different brands now have size variations to allow for a perfect fit. This makes shopping for the best outfits – especially for work – a lot easier.

Shoes That Match

Once again, comfort is the aspect to focus on. Finding a comfortable pair of shoes shouldn’t be difficult now that you have countless options to choose from. Almost all brands of shoes make shoes that look great when paired with different outfits. More importantly, they come with soles that caress your feet in utmost comfort.
If there’s a perfect time to splurge when shopping for fashion items, it would be when you shop for the right pair of shoes. Any nurse and RN to MSN student will tell you that good and comfortable shoes are investments you will cherish each time you wear them.

Keep It Simple

When dressing for work or other demanding activities, never over-accessorize. No matter how cute you think that pair of art deco silver earrings or big brass hoops are, having accessories that get in the way will only make the look less functional.
Instead of big and dressy accessories, opt for simple pieces that complement the look perfectly. A light and chic set of monochrome jewelry or a functional wrist watch is often all that you need to turn a simple look into a sophisticated one.
One last tip to keep in mind is to limit the number of colors you add to the look. You still want to look sleek for the occasion, don’t you? Throw in one or two extra colors to spice things up, but avoid adding too many and over-complicating the look. It’s all about being chic and functional and these tips will help you get there without hassle.

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