3 Ways that Nurses Make a Positive Difference in their Local Communities

Unlike some other professions that lack a real visible benefit to the local community or the rest of the world, nursing is different. Through improved medical care, nurses act as silent advocates of the health of the people in their respective communities and they make a real difference.
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Here are three ways that nurses directly affect the people where they live.

Making a Real Impact Through Their Community

While it’s true that registered nurses only see a few patients each day, it depends on which medical ward they work on. If they are accident and emergency specialist nurses then they’ll deal with a large number of critical patients each day and have an impact on their essential care at a critical moment in the lives of these (mostly) local people.
Elsewhere, nurses often work in local community programs where they meet with community leaders to discuss ways the health of the people living there can be improved. Discussing important factors to improve healthcare like exercise, weight loss, and proper nutrition, nurses put a friendly human face on issues that personally affect those around them.

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Advocate for their Patients

At times when their patients are either ill or have been in an accident and are unable to protect or provide for themselves, the nursing staff provide reassurance, comfort, and primary care.

Nurses can explain what is happening so that patients don’t feel scared or overwhelmed with what is happening to them. Procedures are explained to take the confusion out of the picture. Nurses are also able to highlight problems to the visiting doctor performing their rounds. Issues that may have otherwise been missed are raised by informed, educated nurses who have spent more time with their patients than the doctor’s time permits them. This often helps avoid mistakes and misdiagnoses because of improved information gathering.

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Trust Conveyed & Confidence Restored

Nurses are one of the professions that people in the community respect and trust. When the health of the community is at risk, either due to a natural disaster or on a per patient basis, local people can put their trust in the nursing staff who often live among them. A Gallup poll at the end of 2015 confirmed that American nurses are trusted by 85 percent of those surveyed, who rated them as highly trustworthy and ethical.

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Becoming One of the Respected People in the Community

For anyone who likes working with people and who would enjoy being a highly respected member of their local community, studying on online doctoral nursing programs offers the opportunity to advance a medical career in nursing to a senior level.
Career advancement opportunities are plentiful in nursing where there is always a demand for friendly, intelligent nurses who know how to take care of their patients. Advancing to a leadership position where a group of nurses comes under your purview is the next step.
It’s difficult to find another profession that provides positive outcomes that local people are happy with. After all, improving local communities starts with the leaders and people who are trusted by their friends and neighbors, so consider signing up for an MSN to DNP online program today.

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