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Design, Light, Lighting, Luum, Salone del Mobile

According to Unesco, 2015 is the International Year of light and technologies based on light, so this year’s Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition, now in its 28th edition, has a strategic importance. It is a key point in the industry and also for this reason it’s always been a springboard for new talent and new technologies.

Among the best brands presented in the latest edition there is Luum, a London-based company, founded by Andrew Watson, director of a lighting industry, and Chris Fox, a designer.

Design, Light, Lighting, Luum, Salone del Mobile

They combined years of experience and knowledge in the field of lighting to give birth to the first collection that includes three light systems: Pollen, Bangle and Flame, successfully exhibited at the Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan.

Luum creates special lighting systems, mixing different materials such as hand-blown glass, metal, wood and ceramics. The realization then, occurs through the collaboration with artisans and small producers that can also realize projects which can be made on purpose for every customer.

Design, Light, Lighting, Luum, Salone del Mobile

Flame, for example, made of borosilicate glass worked by hand, is an inner form blown within the outer glass piece, thus reproducing a modern image of a gas lamp. Bangle, instead, is a composition of pyramid shapes, suspended elements that create complex mixtures and combinations of light and shadow. The elements can be easily assembled to compose different types of installations, more or less elaborated.

Finally, Pollen, in its classic chandelier layer, has been reinvented in a modern way: a form that resembles a creature seen under a microscope. A tubular metal supports of the hand-blown glass balls.

Design, Light, Lighting, Luum, Salone del Mobile

Among the installations of Luum,  one of the most extraordinary is surely Lightspeed, a series of blown glass tubes that form light curves, creating a feeling of speed and movement, a broad and dynamic fluid from energy to space.

It all represents an innovative way to see the lighting systems, as fundamental and right key parts of the space, furnishing, characterize, enliven the space.

Design, Light, Lighting, Luum, Salone del Mobile


Edited by: Roberta De Monte

Design by: Luum

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

All images courtesy of Luum

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